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From Cleopatra…

« C’est le bain de Cléopâtre, bain limpide et parfumé… la la la la lalala … ».

Do you remember that, Frenchies? Of course you do, and I bet you’re singing it out loud now. I guess I owe some explanations to my Canadian friends… In the cartoon adaptation of one of our most famous comic books, Astérix et Obélix , the Pharaoh Cleopatra is depicted taking a milk bath. It’s a long ceremony during which her servants sing for her while she bathes her “alabaster body” with the precious milk. (here for nostalgia).

So, what is the secret behind the goat milk (or asses’ milk) she used to bathe with? If goat milk was used thousands of years ago as a skin elixir, why not use it today too in our cosmetics?

Ok. You’re failing to see the relevance of this weird introduction? Let me start my story.

…To Haute Goat

We are back to 2016. Haute Goat is the adventure of a couple who moved from Toronto to a farm in Northumberland County to raise goats and celebrate “all things goat”. It is how Haute goat was born in 2013, from the love of this passionate couple for goats. Debbie was the one in love first, but quickly converted her husband Shain to her little furry friends, if I believe the interviews I’ve read. Among the products they sell, a range of moisturizing creams based on the babes’ milk. The Nigerian Dwarf Goats is a breed whose milk has the highest butterfat content. As a result, their milk is extra moisturizing. I tried one cream: it smelled delicious and was indeed very moisturizing but with a non-sticky texture. The essential oils they use add really enchanting smells, like grapefruit. On top of moisturizing creams, their skin care products also include lip balms, a facial cleanser and a wide variety of soaps, and all their products can be bought online.

With Haute Goat, don’t panic if you can understand all the ingredients’ name on your cream.

Haute goat

I have to say I didn’t buy a moisturizing cream from Haute Goat at the Green Living Show, where I discovered the brand. The reason being I still had (and have) a very big Vaseline cream bottle at home. But reading more carefully the ingredients at the back makes me feel increasingly ill at ease. That’s what it takes to educate myself … I don’t want to do something stupid (?) like throwing my Vaseline away because I suddenly discovered that methylparaben, propylbaraben and PEG-100 are not exactly the most beneficial things to spread over my body. And after all, I’ve been doing that for almost 27 years now… ouch..

Whichever cream I buy next, I’ll make sure it doesn’t contain anything from the “Dirty dozen“.

Now, our two goat-lovers also have mouth-watering edibles like salted caramels, goat milk caramel corns and butter fudges…

Lastly, if you want to visit the farm, Haute Goat has just opened its doors (since April 30th and till October) and it’s only one hour east from Toronto. The farm tour itself lasts around one hour, but the Northumberland county seems to have a lot to offer too. A week-end get away to consider?

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