Hey there!

Thanks a lot for your visit today!

My name is Benedicte.

I moved from France to Toronto in 2015. I love the energy of this city, and its multiple faces.

I am passionate about living a more responsible and simple life, and how to make this world a better place.

The goal of this blog is to document great initiatives and concrete solutions in Toronto to consume with a better impact on the planet and people. Toronto is full of options: let’s talk about them!

My strong conviction is that our purchases are votes. As the economist and writer Paul Hawken puts it “… the cash register is the daily voting booth [in democratic capitalism]”

So let’s vote for a little more sustainable and fair future, and make informed choices in terms of eating, getting dressed, using cosmetics, travelling, enjoying our free time!

My other conviction is that we are not only consumers. We tend to forget other dimensions of our beings, and one of them is We are makers. For me, rediscovering this potential in us is key.

That’s why one part of the blog will deal with all the little things we can relearn to make: jam, bread, soap, growing celery, sewing… It’s so fun and fulfilling at the same time!

I am in no way an expert of sustainability and still have everything to learn. The views expressed here are only based on my experience and personal judgement. Please, leave comments, share tips, and challenge my views!

It was mostly great friends and other people’s blogs who convinced me to try to live a better, simpler, life. Thanks to all of you who inspire me everyday. I would love it if I could also do my part here.

Can’t wait to start!